NOPE: Robot With Human Skeleton And Muscles

December 14, 2012


Nice shoes brobro, you see those at the store and fall in love with them? See -- LOL.

This is Kenshiro. Kenshiro is a robot with a human skeleton and muscles. I'm not sure WHOSE skeleton and muscles, but you better believe I'm unchecking the organ donor box on my driver's license. "They're not from a human, GW, they're just meant to mimic a human's." Oh...WHO ARE YOU AND HOW DO YOU KNOW SO MUCH ABOUT THIS PROJECT? Fine, I'll still let science have all my organs. Not my penis though -- that I want severed with a ninja sword and sent to a friend.

Created by researchers at the University of Tokyo, Kenshiro is a "musculoskeletal" humanoid robot that simulates the body of a 12-year-old child, complete with artificial muscles and skeletal structures. The robot features aluminum bones and 160 artificial muscles in its neck, shoulders, trunk, and legs, all with the ability to expand and contract, essentially mimicking the natural movements and positional stresses of a real human body.

Kenshiro doesn't yet have the ability to match the true speed and precision of a human, but the accuracy of the robot's construction could ultimately go a long way towards helping us to learn more about how the human body functions.

I know I'm stupid, but how does studying a robot meant to mimic a human teach us about humans themselves? Shouldn't we like, cut out the robotic middleman and just study actual humans? Oh look, his arm just fell off: understanding of the importance of elbows skyrockets. Now he's leaking oil: BLADDER CONTROL SOLVED.

Hit the jump for a video of Kenshiro demonstrating all his moveable parts.

Thanks to Jason, E_ror_404 and Tyler, who agree scientists need to stop making robots that look like humans. They should all be big sqaure metal boxes that are clearly labeled "DANGER: ROBOT".

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