No TARDIS Tree Topper?: Dalek Themed Christmas Tree

December 4, 2012


This is a Dalek themed Christmas Tree lovingly decorated by Dain Sandoval. I really think it captures the true meaning of Christmas, don't you? "And that is?" LOVE. "What do Daleks have to do with love?" That was a piss poor lead-in, I get it. All I know is that if Santa doesn't bring me everything on my list this year I'm going to expose all his secrets. You know why his nose is so red? Because he's a DRINKER. Isn't that right, Mrs. Clause? *Mrs. Clause sobbing* One R/C helicopter, please.

Hit the jump for a couple more shots.




Thanks to funkotronic, who's actually friends with Dain but refused to give me his personal guarantee that the tree would be dried out and burnt in the yard the day after Christmas.

  • funkotronic

    Necroposting on this cuz I never knew the submission got published. Yay me!

  • asma sultana

  • This is devastatingly beautiful. Well done!

  • Squeeeeeeee!
    I wonder if I can persuade my uber-religious house mate to allow me to do this.

  • Kevin

    How is the title not "Decorate! Decorate!"?

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