New Zealand Charity Teaches Dogs To Drive (Seriously)

December 5, 2012


In other news, run over cats are up 400%.

An animal adoption charity in New Zealand has successfully taught several dogs how to drive (including steering, shifting in and out of park, and pedal use) to prove to potential adopters how smart dogs are and how you could never in a million years teach a cat how to drive. I'm joking, my cats already know how to crazy! I dare you -- tear all the toilet paper off the roll again and see who starts using your litterbox. There's a video of the dogs learning after the jump, which you really should watch because a video of a dog driving cannot NOT put a smile on your face. And if your boss walks in on you watching it and asks what you're doing just tell them, "Everything I can not to burn this office to the ground today," and shush them away.

Hit the jump for the worthwhile video.

Thanks to fat piggie, who was really hoping to get his learner's permit but will likely be slaughtered and fried for breakfast instead. Tough break. And to Genevieve, who agrees we need to think bigger and stop teaching dogs to drive, and start teaching them how to FLY.

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