Newly Discovered Spider Creates Dummy Version Of Itself (Complete With Eight Legs!!!!1) To Scare Off Predators

December 19, 2012


In "enough is enough, Mother Nature" news, a recently discovered species of spider in Peru creates a giant likeness of itself in its web to scare off potential predators. *dropping rolled up newspaper* It's working. The dummy spider is built out of old egg sacs, the carcasses of dead prey AND SOMEHOW HAS EIGHT LEGS. Do you think a spider that lost a leg in battle only makes seven legged dummies of itself? Because if so, my mind is BLOWN. There's no way spiders could know what they look like, right? I mean, without ASKING someone. "GW, I'm a spider -- tell me what I look like." UGLY AS SHIT. *bare-handed splatter*

Thanks to Jeremy, who has a new-found respect for any species that can draw a picture of itself. Wait -- respect or fear? I vote fear.

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