New 'Smart Cups' Detect Presence Of Date Rape Drugs

December 11, 2012


Plastic drinkware manufacturer Drink Savvy (links to Indiegogo fundraising site if you want to contribute) has developed a cocktail cup that provides a visual warning if it detects the presence of the three most common date rape drugs (GHB, ketamine and rohypnol). Wow, drugging people at the bar -- if only your family could see you now.

Founder Mike Abramson said he plans to use the discovery to create a set of products, including cups, glassware, stirrers and straws, that he hopes will be used to help reduce date rape.

The company is trying to raise $50,000 so it can produce the cups and straws and begin selling them online, according to a fundraising appeal posted on the website Indiegogo.

I'm not sure how successful cup sales will be, but bringing your own supply of drug-detecting stirrers with you -- that's not a bad idea. So is only drinking from the flask you brought from home -- that's what I do. "Because you're a cheapskate." An UNDRUGGABLE cheapskate. Be safe, ladies and gentlemen. And for you creepers out there, just remember -- there's a special place in hell for rapists (SPOILER: on the end of the devil's wiener).

Thanks to Pyrblaze, who agrees if you're seriously drugging people at the bar you should just admit defeat at life and go bellyflop into a volcano (or cannonball, I don't care).

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