Move Over, Astronaut Food!: Brazilian Fast Food Chain Introduces Edible Burger Wrappers

December 26, 2012


Because who wants to waste precious time unwrapping a burger when you could be pumping that meat down your gullet, Brazilian fast food chain Bob's has rolled out edible burger wrappers as part of their "You can't control yourself" marketing campaign. *burps so hard pickles come up* It's true, I really can't control myself! *burping tomato and onion* Haha, if I keep this up and there isn't gonna be any burger left in me! "Sir, we're going to have to ask you to leave." No worries, I was just about to anyways BECAUSE I JUST SAW A ROACH IN THE KITCHEN THE SIZE OF A CHICKEN PATTY. *smashes milkshake on floor and makes a break for it* I'm not sure what the wrappers are made of but I'm assuming it's something not delicious like rice paper. You might want to unwrap that burger after all. Besides, I'm not sure what the big deal is, they've made edible gum wrappers for years now. See? "That's foil, GW -- you're not supposed to eat it." You're not my doctor!

Hit the jump for a promotional video.

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