Massive 1,950 Star Wars Action Figure Collection For Sale

December 7, 2012


Because what fun is collecting something piece by piece when you can just get them ALL AT ONCE, here's a massive 1,950 Star Wars action figure collection for sale on eBay. I know at least two people in real life who are trying to conceal boners right now after seeing this. And another one who's probably waving his around like a little flag on the 4th of July. I'm looking at you, Jeff!

To celebrate the publication of the most comprehensive Star Wars action figure book ever, and the one-year anniversary of the nonprofit Star Wars museum at Rancho Obi-Wan (ROW), we are offering what we believe is the largest single collection of unique Star Wars action figures ever made available on eBay.

This amazing auction includes a huge lot of 1,950 different loose action figures collected over decades--starting with the vintage line in 1978--and representing over 85% of the figures documented in the new book Star Wars: The Ultimate Action Figure Collection.

"This incredible collection of nearly every Star Wars action figure ever produced is the largest group of figures I've seen offered in a single lot," Vilmur said. "Based on the sharp condition and completeness of this collection (100% of the 1978-85 series is here, and nearly every subsequent figure produced to early 2011), I'd appraise this set at a minimum $8,200 to $8,500. There is minor wear on some of the vintage figures (as is typical around the edges of the feet) while all modern figures appear fresh off the card. All vintage accessories are accounted for unless otherwise indicated and are believed to be authentic." a lot of toys. Unfortunately, I like my action figures still in the packaging, so this auction isn't for me. "Or is it because you don't have the money?" It's the packaging thing. "Admit it -- you're broke." I TOUCHED A FRIEND'S PRIVATES FOR A DOLLAR. "Please tell me you're joking." Oh God it was fifty cents.

Hit the jump for a bunch more shots, but check out the auction page for higher-res versions and even more.





Thanks to Jass and rob, who sold all their vintage Star Wars action figures in a yard sale for $1 apiece. YOU FOOLS.

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