Man Selling The Halo Warthog Replica He Built

December 4, 2012


This is Peter Cooper's Warthog replica (photo documentary of the build HERE). But now it can be YOUR Warthog replica, because he's selling it. For how much? No clue, he just says "Reasonable offers considered." Unfortunately, apparently Peter didn't consider "Give it to me or I'll tell my little sister she's really a boy" a reasonable offer, because he never responded to my email. That's just poor customer service if you ask me.

Thanks to Joe, who agrees he and I would look pretty sick in that thing plowing through a mud pit. Aww yeah, I'm gonna put my hands up like we're on a roller coaster!

  • Aleyah
  • Looks more like a Puma then a Warthog.

  • Agent 355

    can i buy it with my amazon gift card credit?

  • no girl will ever go on a date with you in that car, cuz she's gonna think you're gonna take her to a Halo Tournament instead of an accepted go-out venue.

  • death3159

    thats shit looking if you didn't know 343 had a real warthog built and it looks 1million times better than this pos

  • Justin Perceval

    still better than anything you could build....

  • icon

    Who's 343...wait don't care.

  • broodax

    343 industries commisioned a real working wart hog

    for the making of forward unto dawn so icon dont be a dick without atleast doing a little research

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