Like Headphones For Your Feet: External Shoe Speakers

December 11, 2012


These are the conceptual Sneaker Speakers designed by Ray Kingston. They're Bluetooth enabled, battery powered external speakers that can be worn over a shoe. Why anybody would need music coming from their ankles is beyond me, but maybe some folks have REALLY short friends. Me? My only friend is the sock I drew a face on. "The one you put on your wiener and pretend to talk to?" You know about that? "You get drunk and ramble a lot." That I do, that I do. Here's a picture of my shoes this morning. Full disclosure: I have no clue what that stain is and I don't WANT to know what it is. "Looks like it might have come from another man's sock puppet." I'm going to burn them on my balcony as soon as my upstairs neighbor leaves for work.

Thanks to cancan, who agrees the best shoe accessories are those laces that look like wound up curly fries at the ends. I love those!

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