Is It Hot In Here Or Am I Wearing A FULL BODY SWEATER!

December 11, 2012


This is a full-body sweater made for lumberjacks to model in their bathrooms. It buttons up at the top, which is where you have to climb in. It also looks like it has a zipper crotch which is handy because I doubt this thing is pee-proof like those panties we saw earlier. You ever peed in a sweater before? "Who the hell wears sweater pants in the first place?" I don't know, maybe somebody who LOVES HIS GRANDMA who made them for him. You ever think of that? You're lucky I'm not telling nana about this, it would break her little heart.

Thanks to killahertz, who agrees if you don't wear underwear with it this will probably killahertz your privates. ROD RASH, BRO.

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