I'm Coming, Princess!: Crocheted Knight's Helmet Caps

December 3, 2012



This is a crocheted knight's helmet for sale by Etsy seller HattieHooker. You know, I was friends with a hooker once. She was always asking if I wanted a HJ but I could never tell if she was being serious/if I'd have to pay. That never happened. $40 gets you this crocheted knight's helmet cap. I want you to get one, then run around in the woods swinging a stick pretending to battle a dragon to save a princess. I will don a long blond wig and pretend to be that princess. Sadly, the dragon will defeat you and I'll take your wallet when you're pretending to be dead.

Hit the jump for a couple more shots of the knights of the kid's table.




Thanks to PYY, who promised to knit me a space helmet so I can stop making my own out of aluminum foil and plastic wrap.

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