I'll Be There Yesterday: Conceptual DeLorean Taxi

December 4, 2012


This is a conceptual time traveling DeLorean taxi. It's not real though (context clue: conceptual), it's just a marketing piece made by Mike Lubrano for Nooka, a "New York based fashion brand with a futuristic philosophy." What exactly IS their futuristic philosophy? Sadly, probably not "RUN AND HIDE, THE ROBOTS ARE COMING!" like it should be. I did peruse their website though and they do sell a bunch of stuff that looks like a 1980's vision of the future. Me? I'm more into a 2012 vision of the future. "Which is?" I'm glad you asked! *holding up picture* "That's a picture of a burning planet with the caption 'Earth, population: 0.'" Just keepin' it real!

Hit the jump for renderings from different angles.


Thanks to beebs, Travis and Christian, who have all told cabbies to "STEP ON IT!" like they do in the movies and either got no response or were asked to get out. Man, that sucks.

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