I Will Eat You!: Pizza Hut Made A Fresh Pizza Cologne

December 5, 2012


Pizza Hut recently made a batch of its own fresh pizza smelling cologne after jokingly asking Facebook fans what they'd name a scent that mimicked "a box of Pizza Hut pizza being opened." The winner was the incredibly unoriginal "Eau de Pizza Hutt," proving the majority of Facebook users have the creativity of an unbaked bread stick.

Sorry to disappoint, but the sole 110 bottles of Eau de Pizza Hut have already been distributed to random Pizza Hut Canada fans via Facebook. But don't worry, a rep for the chain says via press release, "The good news is people can enjoy the great smell of fresh Pizza Hut pizza any day of the week by ordering one of our signature crust pizzas."

Good news? That's GREAT news. Did you know you could smell fresh Pizza Hutt pizza by ordering one of their pizzas any day of the week?! Crazy! I'm about to call Channel 7 and tip them off. Still, I can't get over the fact the winner of the contest was "Eau de Pizza Hutt." I would have gone with "Hot Tomater, Diarrhea Later."

Thanks again to fat piggie (who tastes great on a pizza btw) and coastalest, who agree if you're actually wearing Pizza Hutt cologne on a date you better hope that date is fat and wasn't expecting to go somewhere fancy like Olive Garden.

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