I Want To Live In That: Impressive Zelda Fan Art Poster

December 3, 2012


Note: Not to be confused with THIS Zelda fan art poster from earlier.

This is a giant piece of Skyward Sword themed fanart created by deviantARTist ThaL-DAWB (links to his deviantART page with full size image), who encourages you all to print it out at high-res and hang it on your wall. Me? I printed it out at low-res and hung it on the fridge. I'm hoping when my mom comes home and sees it she'll think I painted it and buy me an ice cream!

Thanks to Pelfrey713, who agrees Zelda fan art: good, prison fan art: bad.

  • messymediauk

    Much prefer the previous one.

  • Zeppelin Fogarty

    I mirrored this so Link would be left handed like he should be.

  • Francis

    My eyes are bleeding rainbows!

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