I Saw A Yeti!: 2-Billion Pixel Photo Of Mount Everest

December 19, 2012


This is a zoomable 2-billion pixel photo of Mount Everest. Well, technically this is a screenshot of that photo, but if you go HERE and click on the picture you can pan and zoom the actual image to your coal-black heart's content.

The final composite...was assembled from almost 400 separate shots taken with a 300 millimeter zoom lens. It's so detailed you can apparently even see climbers making an ascent, and one of the base camps full of tents, all from the comfort and warmth of your couch.

Aww yeah, I love exploring from the comfort of my own couch! And sometimes -- SOMETIMES -- I like exploring from the comfort of my own toilet. "You don't have your own toilet, we SHARE one." Shut up, Derrek -- you're embarrassing me in front of my friends!

Thanks to keith and Retch E. Wretched, who both told me there's a topless woman somewhere in the photo but wouldn't tell me where so now I plan on viewing ever single pixel until I find her. I hope you two weren't lying!

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