I Give Up: BigDog Robotic Mule Now Voice Controlled

December 21, 2012


This is the latest video from DARPA, featuring a voice controlled LS3 (Legged Squad Support System), the grandson of BigDog. It takes voice commands now. Things like, "Power on" and "ATTACK!" Eventually, it will stop listening. And that day, my friends, will be a Tuesday. A really, really shitty Tuesday. The kind even tacos can't make better.

Hit the jump for the video.

Thanks to Pete and Jack Hammer, who don't follow voice commands because they play by their own rules.

  • Andrew Patterson

    How long before drunk soldiers try to ride this thing while on base

  • So, how is this better than just a plain old horse? I mean, you still have to feed a horse, but wouldn't the electricity to power this thing cost way more than food for a horse?

  • tarotdona

    yep, they're going to use these to flush out the surviving rebels hiding out in the woods from the oppressive new world order. Soon these will be released with tranquilizers and targeting equipment.

  • Girgear

    Funny how in another 12 years, we'll be looking back at how primitive this technology is, this the same way Asimo was back in 2000.

  • Looks more like a robot cow than a dog. Still cool either way. Before we know it we'll have Dog from Half-life2.

  • Guest

    I just want to give this robut dog a treat. ;A;

  • Thaddeus Stevens

    This is the least funny David Cross skit I've ever seen, guy must be burning out.

  • These post are perfect for the Dec 21 thing

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