I CLAIM IT: Potentially Earth-Like Planet Found Nearby

December 20, 2012


Astronomers have discovered what they believe is a five-planet solar system orbiting Tau Ceti, a star with very similar luminosity to our sun. And one of those planets is the proper distance away from its sun "to sport mild temperatures, oceans of liquid water, and even life." Plus it's only a scant 12-light years away from earth! That is like, not far at all in the grand scheme of the universe. In the not so grand scheme of humanity though that's like, traveling at the speed of light for 12 years just to get there. "We'll never make it." Well not with the way you drive!

Thanks again to Bria and MannaFromKevin, who actually sent their tips from space because they wanted to get a head start on being the first to get there. Smart thinking, guys -- TOO BAD I SABOTAGED YOUR HYPER-DRIVES. First one to touch the planet gets to keep it!

  • The Cynical Christian
    guy there is a party pooper. Just think about it though. IF it were an "earth like" planet that would create a whole new way to look at things. And could create hope for future people. It's not like you would ever make it there anyways

  • CynicalChristian

    1. Is it's orbit nearly circular like ours or angular like every other extrasolar plannet? If it's angular, then no, it cannot support life as we know it.

    2. Is the one in orbit a gas giant (since small planets don't sown up so well or at all) ? If it's a gas giant, then no, it cannot support life as we know it.

    3. Do all the other 4 planets have orbits that do not cross this planet's orbit? If they do, then then life as we know it cannot be supported on it.

  • v85rawdeal

    Kathy Dickinson predicted this in 1993...


  • GizmoDuck

    lets take the event horizon

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