I Can't Wait To Die: $35K Coffin w/ Custom Sound System

December 12, 2012


This is the Catacoffin, a $35,000 coffin with a three-speaker 'Catacombo' sound system controlled by a touchscreen remote INSTALLED IN YOUR GRAVESTONE. You can create your own playlist to listen to on the way to hell or let visitors to your grave pick songs for you. *plays Celion Dion's 'My Heart Will Go On' on repeat for all eternity* Some people are questioning whether or not this thing is even real, but if it's not I'll make you one for the same price AND LAUGH THIS COMPANY ALL THE WAY TO THE BANK. Well, technically, clutch the bag of money real tight and give everyone who I pass on the way a shifty glance. Just don't be surprised if your unit looks like an iPod docking station taped to a refrigerator box. "Fancy." Right? That's the deluxe model. "And the standard one?" Garbage bag and a Walkman.

Hit the jump for a shot of how the system works and a promotional video.


Thanks to daniel, who's holding out for a coffin with a TV. Smart move.

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