HONEYMOON ON THE MOON: New Company Promising Commercial Trips To The Moon By 2020

December 7, 2012


TO INFINITY AND BEYOND! Jk jk -- just to the moon and back.

Startup company Golden Spike is promising commercial trips to the moon by 2020, charging $800-million a seat per round trip excursion. No word if they'll offer deals on one-way tickets. *tries Pricelining a ticket for $200* Dammit, they didn't accept. I'll go $250.

Each surface expedition includes a surface stay time of at least 36 hours (exceeding the stay times of both Apollo 11 and Apollo 12), two moonwalks (EVAs), the use of a standard surface expedition tool kit and cameras and optional add-on packages, accommodation of up to 50 kg of lunar experiments and other customer-provided equipment (e.g., flags, plaques, etc.) to the surface, as well as the additional accommodation of up to 50 kg of lunar samples for return to Earth, together with all necessary governmental certifications. Orbital expeditions [a cheaper option at just $450 million per seat] offer a week-long stay time.

I mean cool, I just, you know, will never be able to afford that. $800-million? I have a hard time even IMAGINING that much money. Are you allowed to split seats if you sit on somebody's lap? Because if so all we need to do is stack 10,000 people to get the price down to $80,000. I call dibs on not sitting on some dude's peen!

Hit the jump for a picture of the proposed flight schedule and a promotional video.


Thanks to adam, Slink, Pyrblaze, Spaceman (you've already been?!) and chris, who plan on catching a free ride by hiding in the landing gear compartment. Classic!

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