Home Security: Master Chief Stained Glass Window

December 7, 2012


This is a Master Chief stained glass window made by MartianGlassWorks, the same man behind all this other video game inspired glass art. Now listen Chief -- I want you keep an eye on the house while I'm out drinking. And if you could let me back in when I get home that would be great because I'm probably going to lose my keys. "Go easy tonight." I DON'T TAKE ORDERS FROM A PETTY OFFICER. "Please." Dammit Chief, one more word out of you and I'm going to put a baseball through you like those neighborhood kids did the kitchen window. "I won't say another word." Those counted -- THOSE COUNTED. *bats ball at window, misses, breaks TV*

Hit the jump for some closeups.




Thanks to C Towson, who agrees stained glass is the best glass. Stained boxers? You need to learn how to wipe better.

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