High Five, Ladies!: Pee-Proof Sexy Underwear For Women

December 11, 2012


NOTE: Still not #2 proof.

This is a line of sexy underwear from Dear Kate that won't get ruined by a little accident. They're like that grandma diaper underwear, except...I can't believe I just brought up grandma diaper underwear. *shaking head, opening bottle* Like a wise man once told me -- it's never too early to start drinking. He's dead now. "Liver failure?" Fell down a manhole.

Dear Kate, which is made by 25-year-old chemical engineering grad Julie Sygiel, uses performance fabrics so that pee, blood or whatever else that goes down down there won't ruin a pair of panties. It's backup for women. Dear Kate is made of three layers, absorbent and wicking inner layers and a leak resistant outer layer.

I think all us sassy ladies can agree this is GREAT news. After all, what good is a sexy pair of panties if you can't pee in them a little? That's like, what they were made for. "No, it isn't." THAT WAS VICTORIA'S SECRET.

Thanks to Brian, who was way more excited about an article on women's pee-proof underwear than I would have expected.

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