Guy Catches Shark, Bigger Shark Eats That Shark

December 31, 2012


This is a shot of the moment before a big shark eats the smaller shark Redditor Mancubus1 was in the process of reeling in. I know that feeling, and it sucks. Because one time I had a mermaid on the line but then this merman came along and threw a trident at me and I was all, "I caught her fair and square!" and then he yelled something back at me but I don't speak Merpeople so I have no clue what he said so I hit him in the head with an oar. Unfortunately, the mermaid managed to escape during the scuffle. "So...." So the taxidermy mermaid in my trophy room is actually a merman with fake tits, yes.

Thanks to ChaosLex, who claims he once caught great white with nothing but a cheese puff.

  • Nom nom nom!

  • I see a mother shark trying to save her child from getting pulled out of the water.

  • Guest

    Small shark caught bait, larger shark caught small shark, fishermann caught both sharks on camera.

  • "I had an idea for a script once. It's basically Jaws except when the
    guys in the boat are going after Jaws, they look around and there's an
    even bigger Jaws. The guys have to team up with Jaws to get Bigger Jaws.
    I call it Big Jaws." - Peter Griffin

    haha totally reminded me of this

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