GOODBYEEEEE 2012: Synchronized Batsuit Flying

December 31, 2012


This is a video of a handful of batsuit gliders flying around like lunatics narrowly avoiding death. I encourage you all to live 2013 the same way these nutjobs dive off mountains pretending they're flying squirrels: with gusto. Like a wise old man at the bar once told me, 'You have to grab life by the balls...THEN TEAR THEM OFF AND WAVE THEM AROUND OVER YOUR HEAD LIKE YOU JUST CAUGHT A T-SHIRT FIRED FROM A CANNON AT A CONCERT.' He's with the Lord now. "Bullfighting accident?" Never looked both ways before crossing the street.

HAPPY NEW YEAR'S! Be terrible but safe tonight, I'll see all you jokers in HELL 2013.

Thanks to Macca, who laughs in the face of Death and spits in the face of Hades. Hardcore!

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