Custom Made Super Mario Final Level Leather Belt

December 28, 2012


This is the leather belt lovingly crafted by leatherworker Julia for her brother's birthday. It features the last level of Super Mario Bros. painstakingly pressed out and painted. That's a belt I would be proud to wear. Now hear me out: let's say I was bad and deserved a spanking, right? You think if you whipped me with the Mario side of the belt it would leave imprints of the level on my supple, dimply buttcheeks? I say we try it. *drops pants, bends over chair* Well go on! "Let's talk about this 'PROPERTY OF T-REX' tattoo first." I was young and in love!

Hit the jump for a couple work-in-progress shots.



Thanks to son_of_bokonon, who was born in a cat's cradle.

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