Classy (For Real): Middle Earth Map Dress And Clutch

December 6, 2012


This is a shot by Flickr users Matt & Kristy from Dragon*Con featuring a lovely lady showing off her map of Middle Earth dress and matching clutch. Are you surprised I know what a clutch is? ME TOO. *eying picture* I don't know, she seems to have a sort of Disney princess air to her, don't you think? A real departure from the scantily clad cosplayers you normally see at conventions. The kind of girl you'd ask on a date instead of just taking a picture of her butt when she's not paying attention.

Thanks to Carmen, who's convinced me to get a full-back treasure map tattoo. X marks the spot! "What spot?" A mole.

  • caitclo

    that was a nice touch with the brooch!

  • ashleyknotek

    I would really like this dress! If it was a bit shorter I would definitely rock it.

  • Kenlin Bros

    Well doesn't she look precious?


  • That is one nice dress. I'd look great in it.
    Shame my sewing skills are awful.

  • BillGatesIsYourDaddy

    That dress would look good crumbled up on the floor of my Smial.

  • Asa Hendrick

    Good Lord. I mean honestly the real GW never ever EEEEEEVER would have made or written an entry anything like this one. For example, "the kind of girl you'd ask on a date instead of just trying to take a picture of her butt when she's not paying attention", wut. Like seriously what is going on anymore. It's blatantly obvious he has almost no part in the site anymore and instead someone is attempting to copy his style of humor, frankly it kind of upsets me...

  • BeastmanAIDS

    Watchoo talkin bout willis? This reads exactly like a GW article

  • Geekologie

    it's me and it's always been me. at least for the last 11,396 articles. writing evolves, I try new things, etc etc, SORRY YOU NOT FEELIN IT

  • Asa Hendrick

    This is false, GW would never respond in the comments

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