Chain Mail Beer Stein For Drinking All Knight

December 4, 2012


Drinking all KNIGHT -- see what I did there? I'm not proud about it. In fact I'm pretty ashamed and I'm not looking forward to the email from my parents telling me to move back home and get my life together. This is a chain mail beer stein crafted by DeviantARTist ChainedBeauty. And speaking of chained beauties -- I tried to rescue a chained princess from a fire-breathing dragon one time, but like, at one point during the battle she got between me and the dragon and was burnt to a crisp in a fireball. I'd tell you I stuck around to still slay the dragon but I'd be lying. I skedaddled. This stein WILL NOT hold liquid but will hold a pint glass so you CAN drink out of it in that regard. Me? I drink out of the skull of a fallen enemy. "No you don't." Yes I do too -- back me up, mom. "He won't drink out of anything but his favorite sippy cup." MOM!

Thanks again to my buddy Terry, whose day so far has consisted of waking up at 9, making an omelet, playing video games, taking one phone call and sending one email, talking to me, and now he's left to walk to the store for beer and lotto scratchers (he lives the life).

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