Burger Robot Can Crank Out 360 BPH (Burgers Per Hour)

December 3, 2012


Momentum Machines has created a hamburger making robot named Burgeon that will be able to produce up to 360 burgers an hour. Like, from start to finish. It won't kill the cow though. Humanity? Yes, and not just through obesity.

Of course, the Burgeon doesn't appear to account for the human skill of actually creating a "tasty" burger, but the company claims that the machine can stamp out beef patties, grill the meat, toast the buns, and even apply pickles, tomatoes, and condiments.

Per the company (which clearly hates human workers): "Our alpha machine replaces all of the hamburger line cooks in a restaurant. It does everything employees can do except better." Wait -- what do you mean "alpha machine"? Is there a less impressive beta machine too? What does it do? "DING FRIES ARE DONE, DING FRIES ARE DONE" Ahahahahahhaha, now it's eating off the floor.

Thanks to Carlos, who prefers his burgers made the way they are now: with the chance of finding a human hair in one.

  • William Kostric

    Oh noes, cheaper and cleaner food for poor people, this sucks.

    Dumbass Luddites were complaining about the automobile, think of all the buggy whip makers that won't have a job now.

    Dumbass Luddites complained about the calculator, think of all the abacus makers that'll be out of work.

    Dumbass Luddites are complaining about this. Some people believe that human beings have more potential than slaving at menial tasks which is why we create machines to do them for us.

    Indoor plumbing? What are you crazy? The chamber pot maids should form a union. They're taking our jerrrrbs.

  • Doobie Brothers

    Now I'm hungry.

  • Marschall Clark

    great, now americans can't even find work flipping burgers

  • $18922249

    Oh the irony of mechanically constructing, mechanically separated animal bits.

  • But what are all those people going to do for a job?

  • Taco Tom

    I hate to be "That Guy" but an alpha version would come BEFORE the beta version. "The more you know!"

  • adsfadsfadsf

    I'll pay attention when its a burger eating machine in a fight with the human champ.

  • ***k burgers, make a taco making robot!!!

  • Kittie Peters

    They did this in spongebob, and the burgers were not made with love. It was a horrible idea. The same applies here.

  • adsfadsfadsf

    that was Poseidon's magic not a robot...wait, no. I mean Whatever are you talking about? Sponbob is that some sort of sexual device? shame on you

  • Tom

    If love means spit

  • adsfadsfadsf

    if oyu're lucky.

    "I'm sorry sir I can not allow you to eat that gentleman's pasta with Alfredo sauce.

    Why not I just wanted to try a bite while he was in the bathroom

    Because he didn't tip me last time...I am Alfredo."

  • Aero444

    Can it do it without burning the god-damned bun?!!!!

  • sandul

    I was just gonna say "fuck you robot, burning my food, do it again!" *Throws it in robot's face* Robots can't feel so i can do what I want!

  • n_a_a_s

    just when I thought we weren't already fat enough

  • adsfadsfadsf

    screw you food nazi!

  • archer923

    You know society has a new goal. To match the Wall-e movie of fatness.

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