Bringing Your Lightsaber To Church: Jedi Most Popular 'Other Religion' Choice According To British Census

December 14, 2012


According to the most recent British census, Jedi is the most popular "other religion" choice in the country, and the seventh most popular religion overall (behind Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Sikhism, Judaism and Buddhism). People identifying themselves as Jedis totaled 176,632 -- about 0.31% of the population, and I guarantee I could take every single one in a fight.

The latest official population survey also revealed 6,242 people subscribe to the Heavy Metal religion, which was set up in 2010 by the Rock magazine, Metal Hammer.

Other non-mainstream religions that had followers in significant numbers included 56,620 Paganists, 39,061 Spiritualists, 2,418 Scientologists and 20,288 Jainists, some of whom sweep the floor with a broom made of cotton threads as they walk along so as not to kill any insects.

Come on -- no Star Trek or Dr. Who religions? You fans are letting your franchises down! Please tell me at least one person wrote in Geekologie-ism. "Nope." Dammit, this whole starting a cult thing is trickier than I thought. Hmm, maybe if I design some really cool looking robes for all my followers to wear. Everybody likes sequins, right?

Thanks to my buddy Terry, except not really because he's also the one to blame for the whole NSFW link in the last post thing. At least half to blame.

  • wadi

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  • Anodos

    Yay for freedom from dogma!

  • F'ing retarded!

  • ZomBBombeR

    I'd dig it.

  • Phil

    My take away message: Star Wars, even with all of the changes George has made, is more beliveable than Scientology....

  • rick

    More importantly, it showed people with 'no religion' is up to ~25% of the population. Great news.

  • disgusted

    shoot first.

  • Kenlin Bros

    Blackpool has been cut off awkwardly on this map.

  • cabbo

    The same census showed that my hometown (Carrickfergus) is the second most Atheist town/city/area in Northern Ireland. We were in the news for something else recently...

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