'Black Marble': Beautiful Space Shots Of Earth At Night

December 6, 2012


This is a series of space photos taken of earth at night. After all, nighttime IS the right time. Daytime? Daytime is not the right time. Anything before 8AM? Dead wrong and should be beat without mercy. I get up between 6:00 and 6:30 everyday because I like torturing myself. Pain builds character. *giving myself simultaneous titty twisters* If I keep this up one day I might even become president. "Of what?" I don't know, a hair restoration club or something. You thought I meant of the United States? Come on, I'm way too smart for that. "No, you're really dumb." No lie, I thought I voted this year but it turns out I was just filling in the bubbles for a Powerball ticket.

Hit the jump for shots all around the globe (plus a video) but be sure to check out NASA's website for worthwhile high-res versions that will make your eyeballs pop out of your head like a cartoon wolf when he sees a sexy lady.




Thanks to The Amazing Rando and christian, who agree these shots are beautiful. Maybe not as beautiful as a tasteful nude, but still really something to look at.

  • Iknowyou

    Everybody turn off the lights the aliens are coming, let then think we aren't in.

  • Danja

    That's funny, i could see this same exact picture every time i sign on to play Call Of Duty Black Ops 2.

  • John Lee

    When was the featured photo taken? Is that a tropical storm off the east coast of The USA?

  • Kenlin Bros

    Was that North/South Korea divide real?


  • John Lee

    Apparently that single cluster of lights in North Korea is their capital, Pyongyang. Seoul, the capital of South Korea and also one of the most densely populated metropolitan cities in the world (standing at number 1 on some surveys), is the north western cluster- further contrasting the difference.

  • What the hell is going on in West Australia?

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