Batman Character Art In The Style Norman Rockwell's Iconic Saturday Evening Post Covers

December 28, 2012


This is a series of fictional Gotham Evening Post covers by artist Dos Santos (links to page where you can buy prints) in the style of Norman Rockwell's iconic Saturday Evening Post ones. Personally, I'm a huge fan of Norman Rockwell's style. Also: Justin Beiber's. I just love him! *returns to computer from bathroom, rereads article* DAMMIT BECKY, WHAT DID I TELL YOU ABOUT TOUCHING MY COMPUTER WHEN I'M GONE? "Don't do it." And? "You're going to cut all the heads off my dolls tonight." You're damn right I am. And you can forget about me taking you to that stupid Justin Beeper concert like mom asked me to. "But!" BUT NOTHING, I'M TAKING A FRIEND NOW AND WE'RE GONNA THROW ROCKS.

Hit the jump for five more.






Thanks to lynn, who agrees the best magazine covers are the ones with hot chicks that you can tear off and tape to your dorm room walls. "But I'm a girl." Fine, Tiger Beat covers then.

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