Back The The Future LEGO Set Becoming Reality

December 21, 2012


A Back to the Future DeLorean LEGO set that started on the LEGO Cuusoo website is becoming a reality after reaching the mandatory 10,000 votes and getting the green light from LEGO (after securing the licensing rights). The set will be available mid 2013 and come with enough bricks to mod the time machine into the version from any of the three movies. Plus the folks who designed the set are donating any royalties they receive directly to the Michael J. Fox Foundation. That's a beautiful thing. The girl my roommate's dating? Not by anyone's standards. I came home and they were sitting on the couch and I thought he'd adopted a rescue dog.

Hit the jump for a closeup of all the minifigs.



Thanks to Nick M. and jimmy, who don't need roads where they're going. Get it? Because they're only going to the bathroom.

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