Architect Designs Hobbit House For Tolkien Fan

December 14, 2012


This is the 'Hobbit House', an outbuilding designed by architect Peter Archer for a lifelong J.R.R. Tolkien fan as a place to store the collection of Middle Earth memorabilia he's accumulated over the past 30 years. Wow, having the money to build your own little themed museum in the backyard. MUST BE NICE.

The 600-square foot building is a short walk from his main house, on a flat stone path and through an English-style garden.

"We wanted a single structure, a relaxing place that was diminutive in scale, for the owner to come and hang out and just be in solitude with his collection," said architect Peter Archer, speaking on the owner's behalf.

Did you read that, Superman? Screw your Fortress of Solitude, this guy has got a HOBBIT HOUSE of Solitude. "My Fortress is better." No it's not either -- if it were so solitudey, how come it couldn't keep your identity a secret? "What are you talking about?" CLARK KENT -- HIS NAME IS CLARK KENT!

Hit the jump for a bunch more shots, including the interior.








Thanks to Stacey, who informed me there are two kinds of people in the world: hobbit house people, and tree house people. But I want both!

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  • iamaissarivera
  • Maria Smith

    it is a cool design

    home design

  • Lopunny

    That's not a hobbit home. It's a stone cabin with a round window and door. It's not built into the surrounding countryside nor does the interior carry much of anything that represents a hobbit hole.

  • osteenq

    Hobbit houses are typically built underground. This is not a hobbit house. This is a cottage with a round door.

  • one of the first to ACTUALLY reply to the topic - The House - hovbbit hole!? - I think NOT ... more, as others have stated, a Nice Earthen-Home with a round door and window....

    Goosd stuff and All THAT, BUT ... not so much a 'hobbit house', as much a mere cool place to live. :)

  • Amanda Norris

    What the fuck is this Breelander shit? Real hobbits live in holes.

  • Tortoro thats who

    Who is this faggot

  • n11

    So sweet, would love to have something like that, on the side...

  • This_Update_Sucks

    Other than a round door and a pretty artsy window. What exactly makes this a "Hobbit House?" The inside is as plain Jane boring as most of the outside.

  • Hayley Prychun Rodgers

    Rounded walls and arches, more classic design, small scale, made with stone not plywood...

  • Sigmund Smudge

    Let me know when someone makes a house that looks like Yoda's hut...

  • BillGatesIsYourDaddy

    I wonder if on the weekends he gets dressed up as a hobbit and locks himself in there and smokes the hell out of some weed.

  • It has a nice cozy design; I like the nice stone exterior of the building. :D

  • OldDirtyPants

    what idiots builds this when he is obviously not a floor nigger?

  • Codescriber

    1st. And, is that guy wearing 2 jackets??

  • migde

    What the hekk is your problem!... They are showing you a Hobbit freaking house and you're paying attention to the guys jackets!! Fagie :)

  • Codescriber

    Wha--att?? I am just perceptionally challenged. I'm all for the Hobbits, but was totally distracted by European fashion sense. Please, don't tell my wife about the whole 'Fagie' thing.

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