Adventure Time Jake And Finn Adult Footsie Pajamas

December 18, 2012


These are some $40 Adventure Time pajamas from ThinkGeek. You can pick from Finn, who has a little Jake in his front pocket and a backpack on, or Jake, who has a little Finn on his chest. Unfortunately every size (even my XXL) is currently sold out, so it looks like it's going to be a cold-ass Christmas for all of us. Psyche -- I don't even wear pajamas! You know why? BECAUSE I'M AN ADULT. "Adults wear pajamas." Do they? Or do they just pass out drunk with all their clothes on? You know what I want for Christmas? Enough pillows to cover the entire floor of my apartment.

Hit the jump for a shot of the backs.


Thanks to Jessica, who still wears footsie pajamas daily because, dammit, nothing feels better when you're sipping hot cocoa in front of a roaring fire. NOTHING.

  • Guest

    Oh mah glob, that is crazy. I wonder if they also come in dragon pjs.

  • Marcus Como

    My friend insisted I watch this show. I sat through 2 episodes and said "enough." FUCKING TERRIBLE. But hey, dress like an asshole if you want.

  • Guest

    fvuk off this show is awesome

  • Dunno what series you watched but the first season was shite tbh. I love the show though

  • They're really nice but I only wear something to bed when it's really cold.

  • Shane Anderson

    Too bad i just bought my bro Mickey Mouse. Least they were $15 and not $40 I guess...

  • Craig Goins

    I have the Finn one and my buddy got the Jake one for Spirit Week, we're seniors in high school. I still have mine. Got them from Spencer's. Surprisingly a lot of a attention if worn in public.

  • Marcus Como

    Maybe because you're high school seniors wearing fucking pajamas in public?

  • I think 'adult' is a misnomer with these items.

  • lordpikachu


  • WonderScott

    What, no Lumpy Space Princess?!

  • Joel Lamm

    Birth Control Pajamas

  • FIRST. Also, you should put up a link to Thinkgeek page..

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