33-Ton Shark Tank Breaks Inside Chinese Mall, Hilarty Does Not Ensue (15 People Injured, All Sharks Dead)

December 27, 2012


As proof you shouldn't always go with the lowest bidding contractor, a giant shark tank holding 33-tons of water recently broke inside a Chinese shopping mall, injuring 15 patrons and killing all the sharks. So, what was it -- shoddy craftsmanship, or a shark escape gone wrong? Dum dum dum!

According to local media, three lemon sharks surfed the water explosion into the shopping mall when the 5.9-inch (15 centimeters) acrylic glass bursted, as you can see in this video captured by CCTV cameras. Most of the people watching the tank were injured with "deep cuts and bruises," according to a police spokesman:

There were lots of injuries caused by flying glass, some of them serious because the glass was so thick. We are investigating what caused this.

Six-inch thick glass? I do NOT want a piece of that flying at me. As a matter of fact, I don't want a piece of anything flying at me besides candy. You could throw candy at me all day long. Except when I'm napping, then it's sort of a 'Please do not tap on glass' kind of situation. "Did you really just...?" BRING THIS ARTICLE FULL CIRCLE? Damn yeah I did! *struttin' that ass so hard my butthcheeks catch fire*

Hit the jump for a news report and several more shots but WARNING: sad dead sharks.



  • I think this is not a good sign for the people. After watch the capture i think that, the shark almost lost there lives in this incident.

  • dingusthemonique

    That's what you get when you use substandard materials. China has no Idea how to create quality metal or glass because they just throw everything in a melting pot hope for the best.

  • OldeWolf

    And that's proven by actual physical evidence as shown above.

    *Is amused doubters are defending China*

  • asdfasdfasdf

    this is a better picture of happy sharks in a mall


  • Guest

    RIP sharks. (;___;)

  • Dani

    Thumbs up if you were expecting to see a great white shark biting someone's hand off.

  • This is so sad :(

  • Lee

    PETAs gonna have a hayday with this, if they ever got to fly there.

  • taran420

    It's China. They could care less what PETA thinks. The people there have a hard enough time with human rights, much less an animal's.

  • Pewtred

    No, not all things made in china are poor quality. Just the stuff at the dollar store!

  • JJtoob

    So how are their nuclear weapons?

  • OldeWolf

    I'm so glad this happened to the Chinese people. That should teach them that Made in China is a worthless thing and they should let the world take over the country, remove all the political folks and turn the country into the world's Factory running at America's old high quality standards when Made in USA products lasts for years before breaking.

  • binarystars

    I like to think this was a satirical comment

  • Jessica Simpson's Left Tit

    OldeWolf, If you actually have first hand knowledge to when good'ol American manufacturing was reliable, then thank god you'll be dead soon. Ignorant prick!

  • OldeWolf

    Says Jessica Simpson's Left Tit that already doesn't have a clue on how the world works back then compared to now. ;-)

  • I find it fascinating that somebody old enough to remember when we actually MADE shit in America besides drugs, debt, citizens so hopped up on perscriptions that they're neurotic and unstable, and fast food can work a computer, or even reads this damn blog. Tell me, old timer; what brings you to such an unlikely site?

  • This_Update_Sucks

    My SKS was made in China 55 years ago and I killed a deer with it yesterday.

  • OldeWolf

    Compare the items made 55 years ago to same item made now using current money saving methods and sub par quality control then you will know what I'm talking about.

  • Sigmund Smudge

    Made in China, what do you expect?

  • CuriousGooner

    So should I expect my clothes to just fall apart also?

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