3-D Printed Gun Part Lasts Six Shots Before Breaking

December 4, 2012


This is a video of an AR-15 that has a 3-D printed lower receiver (in green -- the "firearm" part of the rifle that would require a federal firearms license). The rest of the weapon consists of standard metal gun parts you could buy without a license. The piece lasts six shots before it breaks. What does all of this mean? No clue, I was just expecting some catastrophic backfire that never happened.

Due to the fact that all the dangerous stresses are contained in the bolt and barrel extension -- in the event of a lower failure, the only damage the operator faces is to the ego. The spring and buffer simply popped out the the tube and fell to the ground. The buffer detent and spring very lightly jammed the bolt halfway between open and in battery. It was easily cleared and no damage was sustained by the detent, spring, or bolt.

Now listen, before you all start going off about guns, gun control, government, and the Illuminati, consider this: I've written this entire article from the bathtub. I got this tray that spans the width of the tub so I can eat in here too, it's pretty great. I'd take a picture to prove it but all the bubbles already dissipated and you'd be able to see Mr. Squiggle. "You named your penis Mr. Squiggle?" No, the neighbor who comes over to take baths with me, YES MY PENIS.

Hit the jump for the video.

Thanks to Cameron, who's never printed a gun before but has printed out several nudie pictures and taped them inside the very top of the toilet bowl tank. Jk jk, that was me.

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