ZOOM: Man Stuffs Turbocharged Volvo Engine In Tractor

November 15, 2012


This is a video of Rickard Nillson and his tractor. Except his tractor is no ordinary hayride-pulling tractor, he stuffed a Volvo 240 turbocharged engine in the thing. Now it goes FAST. And does DONUTS. I can honestly say I've never wanted to die in a tractor related incident more than I do right now.

Hit the jump for the video but skip to 0:40 for how fast the thing goes followed by a bunch of donuts and burnouts and other rad stuff.

Thanks to my buddy Terry, who told me we were playing hide and seek in the fields and then tried to run me over with hay-baler. That Terry, such a joker (I'm going to kill him).

  • shanvenice

    Reading articles are just like playing with your favorite toys. Thanks for this one very useful indeed.


  • James Cromwell

    I would have used a Nissan engine. Nissan has plenty of quality cars for sale trucks too

  • Haha wicked idea man should be in fast and furious car servicing

  • disqus_VSieKbWXdq

    i guess this is where our farm subsidies are going to. wasting gas and very expensive tires. remind me to throw some weed killer on your crops the next time i drive by.

  • Or maybe the fact that they used a Volvo engine gave away it's not in the states. Not that we don't have Volvo engines here but I'm guessing most farmers in the states would have domestic junk laying around.

  • Althasil

    Try to pay attention before getting your panties all in a twist.

    These guys are Swedish. If you listen in the video you can hear them talk, and it clearly isn't English. If you dig a little deeper (i.e. visit the youtube page to give these fine folks a like) you'll notice in the description: " Rickard Nilsson filmmaker named Mikael Karlsson swe news http://tinyurl.com/bus6vbo8 "

  • Blinghamstar

    Too Fast, Too ...Farming

  • The awesome things you can do with imagination. :D

  • Matthew Little

    I like the suicide wheel. Illegal on street vehicles.

  • John Goodson

    Contrary to popular notion, suicide wheels are legal in most states.

  • Antonio Carvalho

    That's RAD...



    must be bored out in the boonies

  • WhiteEagle2

    That is a win.

  • Pyrblaze

    There isn't anything a redneck can't do when they have the right tools, and enough beer.

  • JDizzle

    First.. for like the first time ever! Oh and Sick Tractor Terror

  • Turkey

    Not bad sir!

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