You're So Vain: Mars Rover Curiosity Takes A Self Portrait

November 2, 2012


This is a self portrait taken by the Mars Rover Curiosity with Mount Sharp in the background. Presumably it's a mirror shot because I don't see the arm it used to take the pic. Fine, it's actually a composite of 55 different images. You just had to ruin all the fun, didn't you? Here I was having a great time imaging Curiosity taking shots of itself in the bathroom mirror, and you had to go and take it away from me. I hate you for that. God, you make me want to drink. Antifreeze.

Thanks to bri79, who likes to take pictures of himself in those windows that are reflective like mirrors on the outside, but have people working in an office on the inside. Oh man, I always pick my teeth in those.

  • greg

    where is daisy when you need her?

  • Self Portrait = attention-whore

  • Mighty Molecule

    would be cool in my lifetime to witness the day we celebrate the first person to take their helmet off on mars - trusting the dome architecture of course...

  • greg

    biospehere 2 was still a failed experiment in the Tucson desert and there have been no re-attempts.... would be nice though.

  • jimmy

    ... Aw here comes Curiosity with it's holiday photos, again...

  • MC

    Friends! I have discovered the method of "picture taking"! If you look closely in Curiosity's lense you will find the darkened reflection of a human being! Or our beloved Curiosity seems to have attracted the attention of a real Mars native, and is now posing for the alien photographer in sexy robot poses.

    Seriously though, any explanations? The previous pictures exposing the lense have looked different.

  • So, where did this image come from?
    did it come from the Rover itself? Because if that is the case, then i don't see the camera attachment that goes into the robot and all the way to the camera...

    Please, i need some explanations, for i am having a hard time coming up with one.

  • Why don't you try reading the post and the previous comments?

  • Have you tried being a little bit more polite and not a complete bitch?
    I was asking a question for at the time i didn't find a real answer for it.
    Thanks, for now i know not to ask here in this forum anymore.

  • There is a UFO in this picture:

  • Nooo there isn't.

  • Idlethoughts

    shhh. No, it's okay, crazy people sounding crazy makes it harder for them to reproduce, just let natural selection take its course.

  • Girgear

    This is kinda cool and sad at the same time. Reminds me of Wall-E for some reason.

  • Dinosaur Rex

    You made me think about something, the mirror in my bathroom is so small it can barely reflect my mouth. Maybe I have a huge mouth.

  • Matty Spinny

    anyone else confused on how it took the picture of itself when it isn't extending an arm out?

  • Guest

    How did it take the picture? does it have a camera with a stand?

  • Malcolm Reynolds

    Not quite. It has a camera attached to one of its arms. It took several shots with it from various angles and sent them to Earth where they edited the arm out of each shot to make it look like it was taken with a stationary camera.

  • Shannon

    So... you're saying that it's photoshopped, and that you can totally tell because the shadows are all wrong?

  • Shane Anderson

    Does it bother anyone that the people at NASA have decided to take portraits of the rover on Mars instead of doing it's job? Great! you took a photo of yourself... Why the hell did we come to Mars to do that?

    Tell me that we will be able to live there soon, that life exists, or something. I know what the Rover is. Make haste with the science!

  • Charles Whelan

    Did the picture of neil armstrong on moon bother you too?

  • Shane Anderson

    Excuse me, Curiosity has a family back home? Takin pics for Wall-E? Post to his FB page?

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