You're Gonna Need A Bigger Boot: Shark Socks

November 28, 2012


If it makes you feel any better, I really hate myself for that title. NO I DON'T EITHER THAT TITLE IS THE TITS. These are some "sharks eating your feet" socks created by Lisa Grossman (aka the Tsarina of Tsocks). If you're keeping count, that makes TWO sock posts in one day. "Wow, you should probably change the name of the site to SOCKOLOGIE." Good one, jerkbag! The shark socks look like they're eating your feet. They're not though, it's just an illusion. Like true happiness. "Not this again." I can't help it, I'm DEPRESSED. "Chug a beer." I just finished them all, I think that's why I'm so sad. "Then go get more!" But it's such a faaaaaar walk. "You can see the liquor store from your house." But my legs hurt. "You just want a ride, don't you?" Do you mind? "Yes." But you should feel bad for me!

Hit the jump for a bunch more shots from all angles and dangles.







Thanks to Christina D, who told me she saw a shark at the beach once and has never gone back. Fill the oceans with concrete -- I've been saying it for years.

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