Who Said It's Gonna Be A Flood?: Man Spends Life Savings Building Boat To Escape Mayan Apocalypse

November 27, 2012


A man in China has spent his life savings building his own Noah's Ark to save him from December 21's Mayan apocalypse. No word what he's going to do when the date comes and goes and nothing happens, but hopefully he can turn that thing into a pirate ship and start looting other boats to make up for his loss. That's what I would do (plus drink grog and do backflips off the plank).

The vessel, which has cost him ¥1million (£100,000), measures 21.2m long, 15.5m wide, 5.6m high and displaces about 140 tons of water.

Lu, from Urumqi, Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, admits it's not much to look at, but is confident it will serve its purpose.

Scientists and researchers are going out of their way to assure people that December 21, 2012, the so-called Mayan end-date, will not bring about the end of the world.

But that hasn't stopped some from ploughing on with their own safety measures regardless.

My God that's sad. I mean, who told you the world was really gonna end on the 21st anyways? Are you like, an expert on Mayan culture and their beliefs? No? You just read it on a website, didn't you? Well if it wasn't on Geekologie THEN IT CAN'T BE TRUSTED. Besides, flooding isn't the only kind of apocalypse, you know. I bet that boat would suck in lava. That's why I built a spaceship. Later, suckers! *pushes button, explodes on launchpad* I'M FREEEEEEEEE.

Hit the jump for a couple more shots of the mistake.



Thanks to xer and Nape (who I thought was Nate at first until I saw how far away the P and T are on the keyboard), who informed me the world won't end until THEY want it to. Wait, are you...Illuminati?!

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