What Did You Just Call Me?!: A Korean-Speaking Elephant

November 1, 2012


Seen here showing off his sweet fur arm, a werewolf and some other lady record the speech of an African elephant that has learned to speak five words in Korean. I think I know two, so he's already smarter than me (plus handsomer). I like learning dirty words!

The pachyderm is capable of saying "hello," "good," "no," "sit down" and "lie down" -- all by using its trunk to do the work of lips in a process scientists don't fully understand.

Elephants cannot use their lips to make sounds like humans do, since their upper lips are fused with their noses to form their trunks. Instead, Koshik somehow controls the sounds coming from him by moving his trunk inside his throat.

Impressive, elephant, but can you do...THIS? *making fart sounds with armpit* Haha, I didn't think so! So enough about this elephant, when are the news crews gonna come interview me? Come on, sometimes when I sleep my nose whistles. I'm a rare specimen!

Hit the jump for a brief video of the elephant saying things.

Thanks to liz and Willie, who agree Dumbo had a way more impressive vocabulary. "That was a cartoon." THAT WAS REAL LIFE.

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