Vending Machine w/ Microwave Nukes Your Food For You

November 7, 2012


This is the $12,000 EatWave, a refrigerated vending machine with an integrated microwave that knows how long to nuke your selection to deliver it STEAMING HOT, like a pile of dog shit on a cold day. I'm not sure if the whole compartment where you pick up your food is the microwave or what, but if it is you can bet your sweet ass I'm gonna try to stick my hand in there while it's on. But for now I just want some candy. Let's see here -- I think I'm going to go with a B-7. Aaaaaaand it's nuking my f***ing peanut butter cups.

Thanks to Clint, who told me his Doritos once got stuck in a vending machine and he had to do what any other normal person would: set the machine on fire. Wait, WHAT? Did you even jumpkick it first?

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