Tusken Raiding The Treats: Chubbs The Pug As Banthapug

November 7, 2012


Remember Chubbs the pug's Wampa costume from last year? Well this year he's a Bantha. Chubbs must really like Star Wars. Me? I only like ice cream and sleeping, and I'm starting to get tired of ice cream. I should probably go talk to a doctor. "About depression?" No, about this rash on my privates. I think it might be a gypsy curse. "Or from riding your bike with no underwear." Haha, how'd you know I do that? "Because I saw you -- you don't wear pants either." Aerodynamics bro!

Hit the jump for a very brief video of Chubbs being chubbsy.

Thanks to Cindy, Chubbs' mom, who must seem like a giant to him.

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