TRAGEDY: Sunlight Ignites Vodka Bottles In Liquor Store

November 7, 2012


In heartbreaking news, Red Lion Liquors in Burnsville, Minnesota, suffered a loss after sunlight, magnified by vodka bottles in the store window, ignited a fire on Sunday. *yelling at bottles* What do you think you are, Molotov cocktails?!

Surveillance cameras captured the slow-starting fire, which began with smoke billowing from a display of vodka bottles. Soon, a small paper sign on top simply melts away.

Eventually, the heat got so intense that the tops popped off of the vodka bottles, spraying streams of steaming liquor. In the end, the display caught fire, sending some flames shooting up to 12 feet in the air.

Even the Burnsville fire marshal had never seen anything like it.

"It was entertaining," Hautman recalled. "The firefighters were standing next to me like they were watching a new video game. They were going, 'This is so cool!'"

Ahahahahha, that's a quality fire department right there. Just standing around talking about how cool fire is. Maybe next time they'll throw some gasoline on the flames and make that fire REALLY cool. Now, are you thinking what I'm thinking? "We should play with matches?" *wink* Meet me behind my parent's house.

Hit the jump for a local news report with security camera footage.

Thanks to Dave, who dropped and broke a bottle of Jack at a party one time and told everyone the party was over and just laid in bed crying for the rest of the night. Hey -- I would have done the same.

  • Dicko

    the reporters voice is so fucking irritating

  • 5FU

    That's Mexican beer, not Spanish...

  • daiya

    Of course they thought it looked cool. It's Minnesota. That was probably the most entertaining thing they saw all year.

  • I dunno, we usually jump half naked or naked into frozen lakes at the beginning of the year, made the largest burger in the world, and have the largest mall in the US with an indoor amusement park and usually has celebrities and signings every other day. I guess you're right, it has been a pretty boring year.

  • that's how that fire got started. ^^;

    (For anyone wondering, I live just a block and a half away from that store and was just in it a few weeks back with my buds. They have A LOT of windows. >.>; )

    Glad to know my town got on Geekologie somehow. XP

    Also, "Burnsville" was actually a mistake. It was supposed to be "Byrnesville" but someone flubbed it up. XD

    Another interesting note, my old high school here was on fire a few times in the past. :3 Fun place, B-ville.

  • Charles Whelan

    Thats what they get for being closed on Sunday

  • That is ridiculous. Right out of a Final Destination film.

  • Ana

    Bear Grylls should learn how to make a fire out of this video! :D

  • BURNSville? 'Twas fate.

  • Blinghamstar

    Firefighters really are the biggest pyros.

  • luxlucetintenebris

    'This is so cool!' - I'm sure that's what the shop owner thought too watching his business go down in flames!

  • $18922249

    The angels are getting a little greedy with their share...

  • Lee

    Meh - it was just vodka, wheres the rum gone?

  • SuperFRANK

    That place looked way too classy to be selling bottom shelf plastic bottled booze. And obligatory "My god did that smell good"

  • Patrick Caldwell

    What a shame...

  • The only shame here is you. Welcome to "Burn"sville.

  • Patrick Caldwell

    Go listen to some dubstep.

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