TOO BAD YOU'RE A HUFFLEPUFF: Harry Potter Gryffindor Uniform Snuggie

November 30, 2012


Seen here lounging in a VERY magical looking living room, a lady models the $35 Gryffindor Uniform Comfy Throw With Sleeves. It's not actually a Snuggie like I said in the title though -- Snuggies are a name brand, and this is not. Unfortunately, you're not a Gryffindor so this product isn't for you. "Yes I am too!" No, you're not. And if you WERE a Gryffindor you're like a young Neville Longbottom sort of Gryffindor and nobody wants to be like that. Me? When I put the Sorting Hat on it started puking. That means I get to choose my house! "Dammit GW, you're a Death Eater." I SWALLOW IT WHOLE.

Thanks to Becca, who agrees they should make little Dobby snuggies for all the ugly kids my friends seem to be having.

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