Tigger And Piglet In A Winnie The Pooh/Dr. Who Cake

November 19, 2012


This is the 'Winnie the Who' themed cake featuring Tigger as the Doctor and Piglet playing a Dalek, lovingly crafted by Nerdache Cakes. As far as cake-making goes, there are people who suck, people who are okay, people who are pretty good, and then people that can pull off something like this. I mean, the detail in the outhouse/Tardis is amazing. Me? I'm one of the people who sucks. The last time I made a cake it tasted like cornbread AND got everyone who tried it sick. "You probably shouldn't have used cornbread mix." Right? And should have washed my hands first. I'm glad I didn't try any, I'll tell you that.

Thanks to Tria, who made me promise to bake her a cake with a file in it if she ever goes to jail. My specialty!

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