The Ol' Relighting A Candle By Lighting The Smoke Trick

November 8, 2012


This is a video showing how you can light the smoke of a recently extinguished candle to relight the candle. It works because the smoke isn't actually smoke, it's vaporized candle wax and can still catch fire. And if it can find a path all the way back to the wick -- PRESTO! I just tried it twice with my pumpkin spice candle though and I couldn't get it to work. I think maybe because the wick is so small it doesn't really leave a good vapor trail when I blow it out. I wish I would have tried it before inviting several apartment neighbors over for a magic show though, they're starting to get restless. Looks like it's time for plan B. And now, ladies and gentleman, I will pour hot wax on my bare chest all sexy-like. *pouring* OUCH SHIT HOT F#$& GET OUT OF HERE, ALL OF YOU, GO! Good God I think my nipples might peel off.

Hit the jump for a video of the magic in action.

Thanks to Obediah, who agrees if you're just going to relight a candle right away you probably shouldn't have blown it out in the first place. Come on -- a little forethought, people.

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  • Suarga

    I miss internet videos like this. They make me feel good about my editing skills.

  • Patrick Caldwell

    Wonder if this works on flatulence.

  • The_Happy_Jackass

    Really? Must be a slow geek day. Mr. Wizard did this, oh... I don't know... 25 years ago.

  • Marcus Como

    So now Geekologie is posting elementary school science class for stories? Do the baking soda volcano next!

  • I learned this one the hard way when I had a romantic candles-in-the-fireplace setup going and the evaporated candle wax accumulated and caught fire. Our chimney had flames shooting out of it like a butane torch. So. Yeah.

  • *imagines* That actually sounds pretty awesome and a quick way to remove the snow off the roof. XD

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