That...Was Really Good: Assassin's Creed III Parkour IRL

November 2, 2012


Remember the previous Assassin's Creed parkour video? I didn't. Thankfully a tipster reminded me. And now free-runner Ronnie Shalvis is back at it, this time with an Assassin's Creed III themed parkour video which may or may yes involve hanging redcoats and doing flips over fallen trees and stuff. It really is worth a watch. Also, I wish I could run around in the forest like that -- then maybe all bears wouldn't make fun of me so bad. Sad fact: one time I stepped in a hole and twisted my ankle and they just laughed and laughed. Then papa bear teabagged me while mama bear took pictures. I told them I was going to come back with a hunting permit but they know I'm not allowed to own guns.

Hit the jump for the worthwhile video.

Thanks to Dallin, Miles and Josh, who all agree I should go buy Assassin's Creed III after work today. GOOD CALL, GUYS.

  • thatcando

    continuity...? well done. but doesn't make any sense from a filmmakers view.

  • CptnKookles

    Finally, something besides "hey look at this guy do parkour in an assassins creed outfit".

  • ZomBBombeR

    True that it was almost like an acted out assasination on a higher ranked military officer, ie: horse dude, which is why he took out the guard first.

  • Suarga

    How unrealistic. Not a hay bale in sight.

  • Ryan

    So let me get this straight... he's chasing the horse on a path... then decides to go for a run in the woods.

    Ok cool.

  • Ryan

    GODDAMNIT why is he even looking at tracks the horse/man/manhorse clearly didn't take. If he's going for the 'shortcut and suprise' route surely they would still be on a damn track.

    And I didn't call you shirley.

  • RareAwesomeman

    I like how he had to do a flip over the tiniest creek I have ever seeing. I know that the point of it is to look cool, and it succeeds at that, I want to start training for this. but I cant help but laugh at some of the impracticalities

  • Azariel_z

    I was feeling the same way, I mean the idea is he should be "fast & nimble" not ...take your time, do some unnecessary flips... oh look, time spin on the air instead of turning right here..weeeeee...

  • stuffsticks

    ye really, the objective i always thought was to get from A to B taking the shortest possible route regardless of whats in the middle.. not running the wrong way up a rock so you can flick-flack and charge off in the opposite direction..

    Looks good, but also looks completely ridiculous in places

  • Brant_Alan

    He must have been pissed when his auto-aim got the guy that was not on the horse and he had to waste his time chasing him.

  • ElSuplexo

    There is a big difference between parkour and freerunning. This was freerunning. If it was actually parkour, he wouldn't have done any of those "wall flip, then run in the opposite direction" deals or flip off of two foot tall rocks. It wasn't bad, but I'm still waiting for a true parkour Assassin's Creed video.

  • Ralphs

    Oh, shut the fuck up. Seriously there doesn't have to be a label for adding flare to something. Every fucking dance would be considered a separate dance. Even the art of writing a paper would be different according to your logic.

  • theodrixx

    Your analogy doesn't address the fact that parkour and freerunning have different goals. Freerunning is describing a visually interesting path in a certain environment, while parkour is getting from point A to point B as efficiently as possible. I have to say it was jarring to see a "professional assassin" waste energy doing pointless flips (not that the dude's skill is not impressive, because it totally was).

  • SgtRoadkill

    yay! more redcoat killing. :/

  • BethyW

    Obviously a button smasher!

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