That's Her Alright: Virgin Mary Spotted In Cut Down Tree

November 7, 2012


This is the Virgin Mary spotted in a cut log in Utah. The resemblance is pretty uncanny. And by uncanny I mean people need to get a grip and stop spazzing out over stuff like this. If I took a picture every time I saw something that resembled the Virgin Mary I would be a scrapbooking addict by now. Besides, I'm pretty sure the baby Jesus wasn't a turtle. "He looks like Pikachu." OMG, he does look like Pikachu.

Thanks to Randy, who sent me like six different tips in a row. The ol' shotgun approach -- I'll allow it.

  • Guest

    I see mary, but why'd baby J fade out of the picture? ...I guess if he hadn't it'd be Jesus in the stump not Mary so he didn't want to overshadow mum?

  • Austin Adams

    I didn't read the bible that hard, but I'm pretty sure the Virgin Mary's real baby didn't blow the fuck up.

  • Hilarious.

  • Captain Matticus, LP Inc.

    Looks more like "The Scream" to me.

  • wrysaryu

    i dont get it i see a tree stump...

  • Matty Spinny

    i see pikachu getting fucked up by a grimmer.

  • RareAwesomeman

    holy shit, it looks just like by balls ball sack is the virgin mary everyone!

  • Dwreck

    Nope It's Shuma Gorath being hit with an explosion.

  • amish_vampire

    it just look like a really big melanom.

  • if industries

    check out her fucking bicep! raising god must be tuff work.

  • Guest

    datsa babyhead bro

  • Mary has an awfully big yawn to take up 90% of her face.

  • DoubleFish

    OMG, that's a Dementor holding a Pikachu!!

  • Enric Martinez

    Will there ever be a an end to this Pokemon mandnes?

  • SlenderMa....ry?

  • Wait - no, IT'S A TRAP... that's not the virgin mary... it's a Dementor!!

  • J.c. Hatfield

    Thats clearly a woman being touched by the flying spaghetti monsters noodley appendage.

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