That's Actually Not That Bad: A TARDIS Refrigerator

November 14, 2012


Now with 80-million cubic feet of storage space!

Because Whovians are by nature crazy people, they'll try to turn anything into a TARDIS. Some turn out good, many turn out bad/sad. This fridge is actually one of the better things I've seen TARDed. My little sister's lunchbox? Not my best work, but I think she'll grow to appreciate it. *giving noogie* Won't you, Becky? "You were supposed to drive me to school over an hour ago." Haha, is it, uh, is it not Saturday? I was wondering what happened to my cartoons.

Thanks to Blake, who painted his fridge to look like the wall so his roommates would stop eating all his food. That...sounds like a genius idea -- how's it working out for you?!

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