That Will Never Work: Umbrella That Repels Rain With Air

November 7, 2012


This is the conceptual Air Umbrella from designer Je Sung Park. The idea is that it will blow a canopy of air above the holder that repels rain. Except that will never happen. Now I'm not saying somebody needs to brush up on their physics, but that little air-shield is gonna be canceled by SPOILER: the wind. Or any movement really. Plus it's way underpowered. You'd have to be holding a high-speed industrial fan over your head to even stand a chance of repelling the rain, and I bet even that wouldn't work. Besides, what's so bad about getting soaked anyways? I LIKE it. That's part of the reason I shower so much. "Showering is completely different." It's similar! Plus makes a great place to sit and cry. Was that a tear or a water droplet? You can't tell!

Hit the jump for several more shots of the damn, I really need to get into conceptual product design.





Thanks to cupcake ninja, who -- WAIT A MINUTE, I swear there was a cupcake on the counter just a second ago.

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